Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Precision casting process in Dongguan

We are Cast Dream, a dedicated team that supplies professional manufacturing for precision investment casting. In excellent cooperation with you as our customer, we would like to act as a development collaborator, sharing our thinkings and ideas about product scheme, elements selection, sizes or machining. 15 year's of maturity investment casting machining provider from a single product to volume manufacturing, a strict standard of made in china. We are cast dream, a dedicated team that provides professional production for casting precision, cast dream is a leading provider of precision castings.

Our commodity range includes telecommunication equipment parts, mechanical elements, fitness furniture,valves, kitchen machines, vehicle items, train rail items, military products and generator elements, medical furniture elements. We use new machinery and unique process capacities to accommodate our clients small, complex casting choices. With precision casting, we can exploit approximately 200 alloys. These metals range from ferrous, instrument steel, carbon steel and ductile iron - to non ferrous - aluminum, copper and brass. When cast in vacuum, excellent alloys are also accessible. Since investment casting exploits expendable designs and ceramic shells, it is excellent for complex and detailed item designs. The process manufactures sophisticated items that are difficult, if it is not impossible, to machine, forge or cast. Examples include inside passages and ports in a valve body, curved vanes of an impeller and internal cooling paths in a turbine blade. Each precision casting necessitates one wax pattern, and these are injection molded. We strictly pursued minimum active age requirements and maximum allowed active hours. Loss is treated according to government standards. Some models of commodities produced by cast dream are : synchronous transmissions for hydraulic structures and grid plates for filter systems. :// .